Wednesday, July 15

Oklahoma 2015

It's been a year! So much has happened. The addition of Baby Ian, my eldest brother Cameron's first born. He is also the 13th grandchild and... PRECIOUS!  My sister is due with the 14th grandchild, a little girl named Charlotte Reece.  We were able to throw her a beautiful "vintage garden themed" baby shower while in Oklahoma. It was a wonderful trip, as always, full of my favorite people and fun things to do. I so enjoy the easy, slow way of life when I'm home.  There are a few pics of the Fourth, some of the baby shower (which includes a few shots of the sisters) and the rest is just play! We had fun taking turns on Uncle Matt's razor; a fast four-wheeled toy! Swimming, chatting, eating, sweating to death in the humidity. All good things. I miss it and my people already. I'm the worst to sulk for days post-Oklahoma y'all, it's clinical. Can't help myself.  

Oh that RED dirt and sand

Cousin besties, Lilly and Adeline

Auntie Coty loves her some baby Ian!

Baby Shower

The definition of pregnant unicorn. Beautiful. 

My nieces and their mama

Me, my sis and my sweet vintage mama

Sarbear, Molly and Lilly

Pioneer woman's Chicken Salad, and pulled pork sandwiches. Face Plant. 

On with the rest! 

Boys WILL.. be boys. Cousin style. 

The shower cake. Seriously guys. 

The End. 

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